A Message From John-Angus

Well folks, it really, really pains me to say this but we’re gonna be unable to make the Red Waiting Blue shows in Fairfield and Boston. This sucks.

Here’s the straight goods. We have to apply for a visa every time we go to work in the States. US immigration requires us to show contracts every time we apply.  So at stages like this, where we are on the back end of an album cycle and aren’t playing all the time, we have to do separate application every time we cross in. These applications have to be submitted 45 business days before the first show. We got ours in 51 days before the first show. Now unfortunately during that time frame we received word that the system that processes the visas was hacked causing a severe backlog bumping all visa approvals to within 60 days instead of 45. As I write this we still haven’t been approved. We sat with suitcases and guitars packed for the past 72 hours waiting to get on the road at the drop of a hat. We were forced to cancel the Philly and NYC shows when it became clear that we wouldn’t be able to make it there on time even if the visas’ came through. We were hoping we would be able to make the last two happen but as the week winds down and we still haven’t been approved it’s very unlikely that we’ll be able to make it there either ( I’m told they close up shop for the weekends, so if we haven’t gotten them by the end of the business day today then it’s no dice… ).

Our sincerest apologies to our fans, some of whom traveled far and wide to take in these shows, and to Red Waiting Blue. We really hope we can make this up to you one way or another. Maybe it’s the negative karma associated with writing a song like Paranoid Freak but I really feel like we have the worst luck when it comes to the border. We’re gonna be taking every precaution to ensure this doesn’t happen ever again. For those going to the shows, enjoy them! RWB do an amazing job every time. We’ll be there in spirit and hope to make this bill happen stateside again real soon.

Sincerely, JA