Canadian Rock quartet The Trews today announce the April 12 release of their fourth studio album, Hope & Ruin. The eponymously-titled first single is at radio now and will be available at all online retailers February 15. Sean Dalton, Jack Syperek, and brothers Colin and John-Angus MacDonald have been true to their shared vision since declaring themselves "Not Ready To Go" in 2003 and they're only more game for action today. Writing for Hope & Ruin began in late 2009, between touring legs in support of their live DVD/CD Acoustic: Friends & Total Strangers. By late spring of 2010, they were ready to demo a stable of new songs that marked a hybrid of their renowned rock sound but also showcased their vocal and playing range showcased through acoustic touring. The Tragically Hip's Gord Sinclair suggested using their Bathouse studios and The Trews set up camp to test the material against the mixing board. "It was like anything was up for grabs," reflects John-Angus MacDonlad. "We went there to try and figure out what kind of record was in us." The results exceeded expectations.

A sense of urgency and purpose descended and, beyond demoing, recording in earnest began. Unexpectedly, Sinclair and John-Angus MacDonald found themselves co-chairs of production. Out of this emerges Hope & Ruin, an album which paints a layered picture of a band not definable by the confinements of genre. While The Trews would be remiss not to deliver a fair share of fist-shaking rockers, they are also a rarity in rock acts for soaring vocal harmonies and a lyrical palette that flows from poignancy to playfulness to profundity without contradiction. The album reflects the band's most collaborative, exploratory, and intuitive effort since they began. Asserts Colin MacDonald, "We went into this album without a rigid game plan, not knowing what to expect. We were reaffirmed and reenergized to learn we still burn to be the best band we can be."

The Trews are about to embark on a month-long second tour of Australia before returning home for the release of Hope & Ruin. Canadian tour dates to be announced shortly.

HOPE & RUIN 01. Misery Loves Company 02. One By One 03. People of the Deer 04. Stay With Me 05. Hope & Ruin 06. If You Wanna Start Again 07. The World I Know 08. Dreaming Man 09. I'll Find Someone Who Will 10. Love Is The Real Thing 11. Burned 12. You Gotta Let Me In