JA Tour Diary - Australia Week 1

After the grueling 24 hour travel day we made it back down under. It felt good to step off the plane and breath the Aussie air again, it felt good to breathe any air that wasn’t the recycled farts and b.o. that is airplane air – contrary to previous posts , we did not take a small speed boat to Australia:) We wasted no time diving back into a lifestyle we left behind only six months ago, within 24hrs of arriving Sean and I had acquired surf boards and wet suits the water is still a little cold in these Australian spring conditions- 18 degrees ---brrrrr) and were working on getting our sea legs back. It’s a tricky thing, you catch one wave and you get cocky then the next one comes along and pulverizes you, it certainly teaches you humility for the tides.

It was also great to get reacquainted with the wonderful friends we’ve made over our past few trips.

The first show was in Newcastle, which is about 3 hours drive from were we’re staying in a southern suburb of Sydney. I’d be lying if I said we played our best, we were still dusting off our brain cells of the severe lag that a 14 hour time difference can cause…the drowsiness strikes at the weirdest times and almost without fail, right before you’re about to take the stage. Thankfully we have 2 more shows to make it up to Newcastle – we won’t be as tired next time I swear! We had a pretty full on Aussie experience on the way back to Sydney after the show, we came within one hop of careening into a kangaroo on the freeway. I had the privilege of observing this all from “shot gun”. The little fella took two hops off the shoulder into the center of the lane we were driving in. He was directly in our path and we had no time to stop, then at the last moment he took one more hop across the road, narrowly averting the grill of our tour van and a pretty messy scene all round. I’m glad we didn’t hit him, I’d have felt pretty bad.

The next night was an acoustic set at the Brass Monkey. It’s a gig we’ve done many times and really like doing. The Brass Monkey is owned by our Australian manager Geoff Trio and, on top of having great sound and vibes, has some of the best Greek food I’ve ever tasted, you should try it sometime if you’re ever in Cronulla. Former Australian idol winner, and top selling male Aussie artist of the past decade, Shannon Knoll was in the audience for this gig. We hit it off pretty good, had a few pints and swapped a few stories, he’s a good Aussie bloke…

Back to Manly the following night for our 2 set-er throwdown at one of the craziest venues, albeit tiny… sorry, I mean “intimate”, of the tour. It’s packed to the rafters every time we play there and it is party central. Our only role in the whole exchange is to keep peoples bodies moving… never have I felt so much like a human jukebox in my whole life…good times : )

Notes in Newtown came next and this one felt like the first proper electric Trews show of the tour. Great sound and lights and lots of space to move around, plus our head clocks were finally ticking to Sydney time and the crowd was great. All good mates!

Yesterday evening we hit the Beach Hotel in Wollongong for an all ages “matinee” of sorts at 7 o’clock. We weren’t sure what too expect when we rolled in for sound check but it turned out to be a great show. There is a super enthusiastic group of hard core music fans that frequent this place and they made us feel right at home in Wollongong.

Throw in a few morning surfs and 9 holes of par 3 golfing and there you have our first week in Australia…not too shabby. We head off to Adelaide and Melbourne later this week (16 hours drive anyone?) for shows at the Jive Bar and Cheery Bar respectively, I’ll let you know how they go.

Cheers for now,