Pledge Music - Thank You!

Hey folks,

Thanks again for getting us to 100%, we're stoked to get started on the new record. We've been road testing new songs at all of our summer one-offs and they're really starting to take shape. If everything falls into place we'll be in the studio in October to lay it all down. Of course we'll be keeping all of you pledgers in the loop every step of the way.

And of course the campaign stays open all the way to release day (early 2014) and you're free to pledge on and spread the word right up until it comes out. At this point we start kicking back 5% to cystic fibrosis research in honor of our dearly departed friend and agent Paul Gourlie. We will also be adding new pledges as we go to make things interesting for those of you who've been with us since the beginning of the campaign and hopefully to coax in a few new followers. If you have any suggestions let us know!  - but no promises ; ).

I also think that it's important to clarify that any monies raised that are above and beyond what we need to actually record the album will be fully invested back into the project. Whether it be to market and promote it or to use as tour support as we criss- cross the globe in support of it. Thanks so much for the love and support and we'll check in with y'all again soon.