The Trews - The New Album

We're recording a new album and would like you to join us here in the making of it!

After over a decade of touring at home and around the world one thing has become abundantly clear to us – Trews’ fans are the most loyal and passionate fans any band could ever ask for!

Pledge Music - The TrewsWe are extremely grateful for all the support you’ve given us over the years. Whether it’s buying the albums or singing your hearts out with us at the top of your lungs at the shows, you guys have never let us down. There would be no Trews without Trews’ fans. We feel like you are a part of our band, and that we are one big crazy family who are all in it together. Now we want to take this relationship to a new level by getting you involved in the making of our next record right from the beginning. We are launching a PledgeMusic campaign that will gain you access to our new album as we’re making it through weekly updates, exclusive content and experiences and a slew of other surprises to be unleashed along the way.

For more information and to make a Pledge,  please click here.