There is no easy way to come back from space.

As my friend Gord recently told me "there is no easy way to come back from space". I've been in my apartment in Toronto for the past few days trying to come down from the exhilarating "Big Night Out" tour. It hasn't been easy, every night around 9 o clock I get a surge of energy and I feel like I should be getting ready to go on stage somewhere. Needless to say, its been damn near impossible to get my sleeping patterns on track. Up all night, sleep all day. I'm sure by the time I get it all figured out it'll be time to hit the road again. But its all worth it, this last tour was nothing short of amazing. We've never been better as a band and the shows have never been more exciting. Thanks impart to our endless touring abroad over the past two years, we have never been more solid and consistent as players. A big shout out to our soundman and set designer Tod Cutler. Tod made the stage sound and look great every night! Having that video monitor in the background added an extra bit of drama to the performance. As always we would be nothing without our tried and trew crew. Lenny, thanks for making everything fun and easy. Nathan, you killed it as always. Rob , you are family. We couldn't have done it without you guys. Also a big thanks to our bus driver James Dean for keeping the wheels on the road and keeping this reckless bunch safe and sound on the highway. We played some awesome rooms across the country, highlights for me were Flames Central in Calgary, the Vogue theater in Vancouver and the Queen Elizabeth theater in Toronto. But who am I kidding, I loved every single fucking night. The sets had a natural flow and we always "got there"musically. Trews fans, Trews fans, Trews fans......Trews fans. We love you guys so much, you make every night special I wish you could all join the band on gang vocals. I feel like every show we've got the five trews on stage and a thousand Trews back up singers in the house! We are forever in your debt for your support and dedication to our band. Nothing gives me more of a thrill then hearing you guys sing along, it's the the best feeling in the world. The Poor Young Things are an opening act force to be reckoned with, they have excellent songs and they play like monsters. We had to step it up every night after watching them play, its only a matter of "tours" before they become a household name in this country and abroad. Well here I am at 2 in the afternoon having just woke up drinking instant coffee and listening to the Last Waltz, maybe I'll go for a 6 hrs jog today...that outta tire me out. Colin