UK and beyond

From Australia we went straight to the UK and to say we kind of ran out of luck would be an understatement. The whole thing felt a little hexed. We went through no fewer than four electric guitar amps (all of which went down on stage during performances), 2 splitter van tour buses (one breakdown caused us to make it to the gig by the skin of our teeth) and a set of vocal chords that just so happen to belong to our lead singer. Barring these minor set backs (and I guess they are all minor in the grand scheme of things) the tour went well.  We had three nights opening for Southside Johnny that brought us into some big rooms with big crowds and all the headline stuff was great – I really feel like our music is getting out there in some of these other countries. The people that show up are fans that have definitely done their homework. One show in particular – Leceister – was an all audience request set list, I gotta say, as the groups lone set list writer, I love it when this happens! By the time we made it to Glasgow Colin’s vocal situation had deteriorated to the point where he couldn’t make a sound. We were faced with a dilemma, either we cancel the last show of the UK tour (not something we wanted to do) or someone else in the band (gulp!) can fake his way through the singing enough so we can get through the show. I was elected and I did my best to rock’n’roll for the people in attendance. The lead vocal mic is definitely not my favorite place to be but I got through with a new found respect for how high Colin can sing, and all night long no less! I was glad when it as over…

We made it back to this side of the pond in one piece but battered and bruised and had to cancel gigs in Barrie and New Glasgow – apologies to our fans in those towns, we will make it up to you. After a much needed week off we headed south to the US of A to start our month long residency tour. The first week went well, aside from our residency cities of Nashville, Birmingham, Atlanta and Louisville we also hit Detroit (a sold out show at the Magic Bag with Dick Wagner of Alice Cooper and Lou Reed fame) and Lansing, Michigan on my birthday.  Again, you can feel a ground swell growing in these places and the shows are exciting. I look forward to seeing them grow over the next 2 weeks. As I write this we are about to take the stage in Buffalo at one of my favorite venues, the Town Ballroom. Buffalo has never let us down before and I don’t expect tonight to be any different. The last two nights shows in Brantford and Kingston were completely off the hook. Like a great homecoming after almost 3 months away. I’ll check in again soon.